Our Product Development and Manufacturing Process

We are the industry leaders, industry innovators and industry pioneers. Don't leave it to chance. Manufacturing Certified Organic products requires experience, knowledge and intelligence. Tasmanian Organics includes more than 50 individual quality controls on every single production batch.

Only products with a verifiable certification, where you can contact the certification body and check the manufacturer's or seller's credentials are truly organic and natural. Please feel free to arrange a site visit and tour of our factory.

Tasmanian Organics will discuss your product requirements for your chosen market(s). With these requirements in mind our formulation chemist will produce samples of each product for your approval. Once your formulation has been approved we then proceed to our unique pilot process where all manufacturing and packaging details are determined for the transition from formulation to full production. Our sales staff will then quote you on minimum order quantities (packaging specific) or any larger volume which you are interested in ordering. Finally we then schedule a production run to fill your order before dispatching to singular or multiple destinations.

inspired by Tasmania's pristine wilderness

Our Laboratory and Manufacturing Environment

Tasmanian Organics has a modern, state-of-the-art formulation and testing facility which contains the latest in laboratory equipment and specialist materials to hand tailor your skincare range. Our production facility had previously received Australian Certified Organic status from the BFA but which has now ceased. We perform stability, microbiological, pH and packaging testing on-site and will contract out toxicological testing to an ethical testing facility to insure independence and transparency of results when required. Our production staff use a dedicated and sophisticated manufacturing software package, which combined with our own unique batch coding system gives us full traceability and hence quality control throughout the entire production process.

Such is the care and attention to sterility and quality in our factory, our guarantee to you is that our Certified Organic products have the maximum possible shelf life and at least 3 months once opened. We have a credit policy for any product returned to us for legitimate reasons within the shelf lifetime. Please ask for a copy of our Product Return Policy.

Our new purpose-built manufacturing plant in Sorell near the Hobart airport contains all the necessary equipment for the production, filling and packing of large or small runs in a sterile, positive pressure, HEPA filtered environment. We sterilise your packaging before filling and have a strict maintenance and sterilising regime for all our equipment to ensure product unity and purity. Tasmanian Organics keeps retention samples of each batch run on your behalf for microbiological and stability checks and have a controlled atmospheric environmental storage facility for delicate inputs and bulk product.

Tasmanian Organics does not under any circumstances, test or contract test any products on animals.