Intellectual Property Issues and Commercial-in-Confidence

At Tasmanian Organics we are sensitive to issues of confidentiality and IP. Tasmanian Organics are bound by commercial-in-confidence not to release our client details to any other parties unless otherwise stated by law. A confidentiality agreement is provided on initial consultation.

Formulas developed for a specific client can be purchased outright by that client, and only by that client.

The cost of formulation development, including formulations, prototypes, samples and pilots is charged separately and is totally recoverable.

All base formulations remain the IP of Tasmanian Organics.

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Formulation and Other Fees Schedule

Our formulation fees are designed around a “cost recovery model” which makes us competitive and gets your product to market sooner and with minimal outlay.

All formulation development work, whether a fragrance change to a base formulation or developing a formula from the beginning to end, is simply charged out at an affordable hourly rate.

Once your products go into production, those development costs are gradually recovered, meaning that eventually your new cosmetics development is entirely free.

If you already have your formulae, our manufacturing team will take your formulation straight to production, saving you even more time and money.

Another service our customers find useful is our ability to take your non-certified formula and reformulate to a truly Certified Organic product including taking care of all the necessary accreditation processes with legitimate certifying bodies.